SecureIT® – Patch Management

SecureIT Patch management gives you the when, where, what and how of security patching. It tells you when a software vulnerability with an available patch is threatening your infrastructure, where it will have the most critical impact, what the right remediation strategy is and how to deploy it.

SecureIT Patch Management search continuously verifies vulnerabilities and the effectiveness of the patches published by the vendors. This intelligence is then matched Patch Management solution.

Our solution is designed to help IT administrators keep away vulnerabilities and malware by applying patches of Windows, Mac, Linux, and third-party applications in time.

Our solution is encrypted ( DES -3, AES 256 bit key), Patch Management file transfer program, designed to securely, reliably, and efficiently transfer files to multiple receivers simultaneously. It is useful for distributing large files to a large number of receivers and makes data distribution highly efficient over any network including satellite links, making it possible to prioritize, plan and execute workflows, and document your risk reduction efforts

Our multicast encryption system is based on TLS with extensions to allow multiple receivers to share a common key. It also has the capability to communicate over discrete networks.

Features and Benefits

1Automated patch management

2Cross Platform Support

3Third Party Application Patching

4Flexible deployment Policies

5Test & Approve Patches

Additional Features

  • Automated Patch Management
  • Cross Platform Support
  • Third Party Application Patching
  • Flexible deployment Policies
  • Microsoft WSUS patch management
  • Integrations with SCCM
  • Test & Approve Patches
  • Software Deployment
  • Distributed Patch Deployment

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