AssetGrid – Asset Management Solution

AssetGrid, the most efficient & effective asset management solution, simplifies the use of assets in an organizational structure. Velox’s AssetGrid, platforms are designed to automate workflows, approval matrix, notifications, ticket-based CMDB updating, RPA & ML capabilities to avoid human errors. Our solution delivers proactive & predictive analysis, cost & risk optimization, CXO Dashboards, and financial discipline across the IT Asset Management and Non- IT Asset Management process. Our platform addresses all opportunities and delivers expected solutions to help organizations grow. AssetGrid, platform integration is extremely automated with almost all the ITSM platforms available in the industry

Features and Benefits

1Caters to both IT and Non-IT assets

2Complete Asset Life Cycles

3Auto Asset Discovery Feature available for IT Assets

4Asset Tagging

5Hardware Inventory and Configuration Discovery

6Software Inventory and Licensing Identification

7Software Licence Management

8Asset Transfer Feature

9Manual Entry/Bulk Upload of Assets

10QR Code Creation, Asset Tracking through RFID.

11Asset Photo Capture and Upload

12Asset Audit and Reconciliation

13Maker Checker for any new/update or Delete of records

14Incident management and tracking for an Asset

15Integration with external tools like IT ticketing, AD etc.

16Email and SMS Alerts

17Contracts Management (AMC, Warranty and Insurance)

18Configuration Inventory


20Dashboards and Reports

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