SecureIT® - File Integrity Monitoring System

File Integrity Monitoring System, is an IT security process and technology that tests and checks operating system (OS), database, and application software files to determine whether or not they have been tampered with or corrupted. FIM, which is a type of change auditing, verifies and validates these files by comparing the latest versions of them to a known, trusted “baseline.” If FIM detects that files have been altered, updated, or compromised, FIM can generate alerts to ensure further investigation, and if necessary, remediation, takes place. File integrity monitoring encompasses both reactive auditing as well as proactive, rules-based active monitoring.

Features and Benefits

1Detect real time changes

2Tracks Critical File

3Preventing File Change

4Preventing Deletion in file

5Restoring Previous Changes

6Detect Illicit Activity

7Monitors System Health

8Monitors Network Devices

9Monitors Servers

10Monitors Workstation

11Monitors Database and OS

12Monitors Cloud-based Services

13Meets Compliance

14Protects files and confidential data

15Secure data management

16Elimination of human error

17Identifies the source of the attack

18Compliant with Industry regulations

19Provision of automated Records and Reports

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