SecureIT® – Core Knowledgebase

Core knowledgebase is a technology used to internally store and distribute technical information, within a company. Usually created with IT knowledge base software, it is a self- service system designed to enable employees & internal customers to find answers to technical information independently, of the IT department. An organization can easily build, update, and customize an IT knowledgebase that meets the specific needs of every company. Our Core Knowledgebase makes sure that it provides our clients with an independent approach, our clients' workforce does not have to wait for any technical request or inquiry made, instead access for all such information is made available.

Features and Benefits

1Increased Employee Efficiency

2Optimum Performance Delivered

3Better Utilization of Resources

4Time and Cost-Efficient

5Central User Management

6Laymen Friendly

7User Friendly



Additional Features

  • Posting FAQs
  • Sharing of tips and tricks
  • Sharing queries (if any)
  • Referring to past solutions provided by Ticketing tool or change management room
  • Used for Important announcements
  • Knowledge repository 1). For Sharing circulars 2). For sending a notice to employees (branch wise/ user wise)

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