SecureIT® – Mobile Based Tracking System

A process for identifying the location via a mobile phone, whether stationary or moving. Looking at the possibilities of using this technology to the brim of its advantages from a security point of view, Velox recently unveiled its latest invention Mobile-Based Tracking System.

Velox’s Mobile-Based Tracking System can be used as an aid to increase the efficiency of the organizations with proper utilization and management of its sales, marketing, and service teams. Our system eliminates all possibilities of negligence and false reporting and ensures increased productivity and has a time and cost-savings approach to it. It removes all possible redundancies, along with the automation of many tasks, it also results in better management and optimum utilization of available technologies.

Our mobile-based Tracking System can also be used in a very proficient way with law enforcement agencies, in tracking the movement of any suspicious individual or activities and utilizing the law enforcement officers to the best of their abilities, minimizing the time involved in communication.

Features and Benefits

1Real-Time Tracking


3Remote Access

4User-Friendly Interface

5Access Control

6User Management

7Auto Capture Attendance

8Task and Customer Management

9Live Notification

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