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SecureIT - Businesses today rely on complex applications working together with heterogeneous, interconnected IT infrastructure elements to deliver business services to their customers. These applications and supporting infrastructure could be in the cloud, within the data centre (on-premise), or in a hybrid environment. As the business evolves, the complexities involved in monitoring various applications also increase. These business applications require comprehensive monitoring and alerting for uninterrupted upkeep of services.

SecureIT - Server, Application & Database Monitoring, is designed to help collect critical performance metrics, alert in case of downtimes or application slowdowns, and pinpoint the root cause of application issues across all layers of the IT stack. Server Monitoring is the process of monitoring a server's system resources like CPU Usage, Memory Consumption, I/O, Network, Disk Usage, Process, etc.

Server Monitoring also helps in capacity planning by understanding the server's system resource usage. A Server Monitor software helps in automating the process of server monitoring. Monitoring Server performance also helps in identifying other performance- related issues like resource utilization, app downtime, and response time. Databases are a critical component of the information technology infrastructure of business houses. Database Monitoring is the process of assessing the availability, performance, and functionality of the database.

The performance of databases defines the success of organizations in providing the 24×7 level of customer satisfaction and smooth operations of day- to-day business activities. Database Monitoring Services help you to monitor the performance of databases and provide extensive information so that necessary steps can be taken before a breakdown of vital business processes.

Features (Server)

1DHCP Server

2IIS Server

3Nutanix Server

4AD Server

5Storage Server

6Linux Server

7DNS Server

8VM Server

9Hardware Configuration Details

10Threshold Setting for CPU, RAM, Drives

11Operating System Information, Version,

12Architecture, Patches, etc

13List of Installed Application

14Currently Running Application

15LAN Monitoring

16Internet Connection Status

17Application Software Use

18Detection and Prevention

19Antivirus Status

20Detection of New Application

21Color Codes & Sound Alerts

22Unauthorized Administrator Login

23Server Status (Up/Down)

Features (DLP)

1Print Screen Monitoring

2Peripheral Whitelisting

3USB Whitelisting

4Website Monitoring

5Printer Monitoring

6Email Auditing

7Capture Pen drive Copy

8External USB Detection & Prevention

9Clipboard Monitoring

10Shared Folder Monitoring

11Drive Monitoring (Create, Delete, Modify)

12Outside Hours Policy

13Autorun USB Monitoring

14Content Awareness

Features (Database)

1Oracle Database

2SQL Server(MSSQL) Database

3MySQL Database

4MAX SAP Database

5Progress Database

6Buffer Details

7Memory Information

8All Database Information

9Connections Details

10Thread Details

11Table Locks Details

12Query Cache Details

13Plugins Details

14Deadlock Details

15Top CPU Consuming Queries

16Top Long Running Queries

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