ScanPlus® - Full Hard Disk Encryption

SecureIT FHDE solution uses the Full Hard Disk Encryption (FHDE) mechanism to secure data stored on the hard disk. Full Hard Drive Encryption encrypts the data stored on the hard disk using the AES-256 algorithm at a hardware level. SecureIT FHDE generates keys based on the automatic key generation feature of SecureIT FHDE

This will prevent unofficial sharing keys to decrypt the data without official consent. This key will be used to encrypt the data on the hardware level. Also, disallows the decryption of data despite the Hard disk being mounted elsewhere for data theft, (i.e., data is never available in decrypted form).

To decrypt and mount the data in real-time SecureIT FHDE uses its automatic key generation tool to identify the endpoints which generate a related key to mount the encrypted data in decrypted form. Data will be available only when a disk is connected to authenticate endpoints identified by SecureIT FHDE.

Features and Benefits

1Encrypts the entire disk (System & Local partition).

2Restriction on data access for SecureIT FHDE authenticated.

3The machine automatically generates a key.

4Data recovery option when the system is down.

5Highly available is an offline and centralized mode.

Additional Features

  • After encrypting the data of the hard drive through SecureIT Full Hard Drive Encryption, the drive can be only accessible after the authentication from SecureIT FHDE Encryption.
  • Attempting to access data of drive by connecting to any system either as a primary or secondary will fail because the encrypted drive cannot be read on any system except the source system from which the hard drive was encrypted using SecureIT FHDE.
  • If there is an attempt to access a drive via any third party tool to explore its data, then the drive will fail to load or read its data in that third party tool

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