SecureIT® – End Point Protection

SecureIT – End Point Protection (EPP), is a cyber security solution, that continuously monitors and responds to mitigate cyber threats. Our solution’s primary focus is on detecting and investigating suspicious activities and traces of such other vulnerabilities on your hosts/endpoints.

SecureIT - Endpoint Detection and Response solution works by monitoring endpoints, network events, and recording the information in a central database. Further steps involving the analysis, detection, investigation, reporting, and alerting also takes place.

A client software agent, installed on the host system provides the foundation for event monitoring and reporting. Our solution facilitates continuous monitoring and detection through the use of analytical tools. These tools identify tasks that can improve a company’s overall state of security by identifying, responding to, and deflecting both internal and external threats.

Features and Benefits

1Advanced Threat Detection & Remediation

2Incident Response Capabilities

3Deep investigations of Security indexed events

4Complied With RBI guidelines

Additional Features

  • Application Whitelisting
  • Application Blacklisting
  • USB Protection
  • Patch Management
  • DLP
  • Remote Desktop Access Monitoring & Reporting
  • Website Monitoring/Restriction
  • USB Whitelisting
  • Suspicious User Login Monitoring
  • Clipboard Monitoring/ Clipboard Restriction
  • Share Folder Monitoring Details
  • Print Screen Monitoring
  • Non-Working Hours Policy
  • Drive Monitoring
  • Windows Event Policy
  • Computer Events
  • Windows Patch Status
  • End Point Health Monitoring
  • End Point Availability
  • Hardware Monitoring
  • Install/Uninstall Application Monitoring
  • Service Monitoring

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