SecureIT® – Network Monitoring Solution

One Point Solution for Monitoring your Entire IT Networks. Network Monitoring Solution (NMS) is a part of our SecureIT suite, it focuses on monitoring and securing an organization's network devices. SecureIT - NMS is commonly known for its advanced infrastructure management capabilities. All Devices, Systems, Traffic, and Applications in a network can be easily displayed in a hierarchical view that summarizes performance and alerts. Visualizing your entire IT infrastructure with further classifications based on type or logical groups. With SecureIT - NMS you can monitor, control, deploy and allocate any type of data that are supposed to be transmitted to different units/systems in a network. Also includes, automatic configuration of devices and interfaces with predefined templates.

We implement advanced network performance monitoring techniques to quickly resolve network faults or failures by initiating an RCA (Root cause analysis). With SecureIT – NMS, you get industry leading reporting features with the provision to schedule and automatically email or publish the reports. Our solution delivers End-to-End Unified Network Monitoring System, proactively monitors & optimizes all network devices, servers, and applications across IT infrastructure to manage the network for fault and performance for maximum uptime.

The platform collects, discovers, and indexes data from multiple sources including databases, web servers, containers, virtualizations, URLs, cloud services, middleware, and much more. Our Solution is built for every member of the IT team to monitor, track, and deliver uninterrupted business services. It also enables its users to search, visualize & analyse the data on various critical metrics, with the help of customizable dashboards and widgets to extract powerful operational intelligence. Our solution is meticulously crafted, and uses a unique data model to cut through data floods and quickly detect what matters the most to run an IT infrastructure more effectively.

Features and Benefits

1Real Time Network Monitoring

2Proactive alert and incident management

3Device and Link Monitoring of all network devices

4Proactive alert and incident management

5SLA Management

6Enhanced Performance and Availability

7Monitor multiple locations from central location.

8Smart setup and auto-discovery for a quick start

9Central firmware management with the topology-based rollout

10Comprehensive Management for large and complex networks

11Custom Dashboards/maps for a high - level overview

12IOS Upgrades Capability for Various ORMs like HP, Cisco, Juniper, FortiGate, and many more

Additional Features

  • Multi-vendor network monitoring
  • Link Monitoring
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Latency and Packet drop
  • Jitter monitoring
  • CRC error of Interface
  • NetFlow Analyzer
  • VOIP Monitoring
  • BGP Routing Table Monitoring
  • Customizable dashboards
  • Automatic Network device discovery
  • Network Topology (Network mapping)
  • Configuration Backup
  • Syslog collector
  • IP SLA monitoring
  • Port monitoring
  • V-SAT Monitoring
  • Access Points Monitoring
  • Microwave Monitoring (IDU Monitoring)
  • Wireless Controller Monitoring
  • Device Configuration Management
  • Wi-Fi Monitoring
  • Gilat Monitoring (SE2 AND SE1)

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