ScanPlus® - ATM Terminal Security

Velox is the number 1 Indian Organization to provide ATM Terminal Security Solution and ranks amongst the top 3 organizations in the world for ATM Terminal Security. Today bank’s IT departments and ATM service providers face tremendous pressure to ensure that their ATMs comply with many different security concerns, policies, operating procedures, corporate IT standards, and regulations.

Velox has introduced ScanPlus ATM Terminal Security to ensure the greatest degree of visibility and control over secured ATM operations and helps to enforce regulatory compliance put forward by RBI. ScanPlus ATM Terminal Security is bundled with Application Whitelisting, Full Hard Drive Encryption, USB Enable/Disable, Bios Password & LAN Monitoring.

Velox’s ScanPlus ATM Solution Suite is developed for ATMs & Cash Recyclers. Our solution also covers many different facets like Intrusion Protection, Access Protection, and Access Management systems. Velox’s world-class solution offers the highest level of security available for the cash recyclers/ ATMs & endpoint security environment, which further can be deployed on all types of ATMs & cash recyclers in a multi- vendor environment, and also supports financial institutions in achieving compliance with international security standards and regulations.

Features and Benefits

1Application Whitelisting

2Application Blacklisting

3Application Sandboxing

4Full Hard Disk Encryption

5Time-Based Admin Access

6OS & Access Privilege Management

7USB Protection

8Auto Run Protection

9Patch Management

10Electronic Journal Management

Additional Features

  • LAN Monitoring
  • Centralized Monitoring and Control
  • Offline Access Support
  • Reports and Alerts
  • Automated EJ Pulling
  • Provision to pull EJs Manually
  • Uses Low Bandwidth
  • Manage ATM Screens
  • Auto execution of MSI files
  • ATM Restart

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