SecureIT® – Manager Of Managers

The goal for our SecureIT - Manager of Managers solution is to have a higher layer management platform that collects, consolidates, and correlates IT events and alert information across multiple management systems, devices, services, and applications, and displays this all in a single-pane-of-glass. The SecureIT - Manager of Managers solution implemented in conjunction with SecureIT provides this platform. Allows the detection of the time of day, day of the week of abnormalities, and alert administrators to potential problems in advance. Leverage built-in correlation rules to correlate alerts across tiers and pinpoint the root-cause of problems.

Get deep diagnostics and actionable insight needed to troubleshoot issues, right-size the infrastructure and plan for future growth. Pre-defined models for each tier enable monitoring to be set up quickly, without needing extensive configuration. When problems occur, recovery actions can be automatically initiated, minimizing the meantime to repair. Our MoM supports a pre-defined correlation tool for ITSM, Network Devices, ITAM, and any third-party devices.

Features and Benefits

1Gain end-to-end visibility

2Proactively monitor the target infrastructure

3Correlation Database

4Automate monitoring and recovery

5Intelligently diagnose problems

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